AI offers numerous benefits, but it also might raise questions and concerns, particularly around the authenticity and originality of the content produced using writicle. Here we lay all cards on the table and tell you about AI usage in our platform.

Lets address the elephant in the room: yes, we do utilize AI in our platform.

But, the AI is not used to fulfill content orders. Content is exclusively written by copywriters that are associated with our platform.

AI is  used to analyze information given by the users (i. e. keywords) and provide data-backed suggestions about title, structure, internal linking, and other important factors.

So, how does it actually work?

We collect the necessary information about the content from the user and give it to AI which then analyzes SERP, competitors content, keyword difficulty and other important factors and gives back suggestions.

We encourage our copywriters to use AI for assistance (i. e. grammar checking, research) and we see nothing wrong with that, but it's important to understand that copywriters still beat AI. And it's not even close yet. Therefore, copywriters should keep their head up high and not settle for less.


We're committed to using AI responsibly and ethically, and we believe in the power of combining AI technology with human expertise to deliver the best results for our clients. This AI Usage Statement is our pledge to you that we will always be transparent about our processes and committed to delivering high-quality, authentic content.

Even though at the moment we take the ghostwriting path and don't reveal out copywriters identities to our clients, if there would be concerns or disputes over the authenticity of the piece, we are open to proving that the piece was written by a human being and is 100% authentical.


writicle founding team