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How to hire copywriters for business?

Process to hiring freelance copywriters for business can be summarised in these four steps:

1. Contact copywriters on social media or freelance platforms;
2. Negotiate price and deadlines;
3. Write a service contract;
4. Start ordering content jobs for your small business.

Alternatively, Writicle can take care of this whole process, fulfilling your web content requirements at ease. Simply detail your content requirements, choose your desired keywords, submit your request, and then relax. Our subject matter expert writers will craft content for your business, which will be ready for review in just 4 calendar days.

How much do businesss copywriters cost?

Typically, a 1000 word blog post costs approximately $100. This translates to a per-word fee varying from $0.07 to $0.10, influenced by the writer's level of expertise. At Writicle, you can simply choose your budget and set your price range for every order. The final cost is determined by the total word count of your order, which is also determined by you individually.

Standard Quality

0.07 - 0.09 cents / per word
Billed with end-of-month invoice.
Access to all features
Free revisions for orders
Unlimited users
Unlimited orders
Standard quality copywriters
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Premium Quality

0.14 - 0.18 cents / per word
Billed with end-of-month invoice.
Access to all features
Free revisions for orders
Unlimited users
Unlimited orders
Premium quality copywriters
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a quality assurance process for content?
You will get specialized content crafted by niche writers at Writicle, each rigorously vetted through a multi-stage onboarding process. Our writers are experts, focusing on just 2-3 related topics to ensure depth and expertise in their work. We strive for excellence, however, should you require a second look at the content you've recieved, we provide unlimited revisions and comprehensive editorial support to ensure your complete satisfaction with every order.
What support does Writicle offer if I’m not satisfied with the content?
We offer revisions and editorial support until you are satisfied with your order.
What are the business content pricing options at Writicle?
You have to choose pricing for every order by yourself. We offer three pricing tiers:

Standard Quality (0.07 - 0.09 cents per word)
Advanced Quality (0.10 - 0.13 cents per word)
Premium Quality (0.14 - 0.18 cents per word)

If you order a 1000 word-long blog post at Standard quality, final price for your article will be in the range of $70$ - $90.

Our tiered pricing structure is designed to engage top-tier copywriters, particularly for content that is highly specialized, technical, or sensitive, where our clients expect high quality. If you simply need good content written by subject matter experts for your blog, Standard quality will do you well. If you intend to target complex topics, you can opt in to Advanced quality pricing and so on.

The variety in our pricing ranges allows us to connect with specialist copywriters who have expertise in specific subjects relevant to your needs. Depending on the project, these experts may be more affordable or slightly more costly, which is why we provide a range of prices rather than a fixed rate.
How quickly can I expect my content to be delivered?
Orders up to 1500 words will be delivered within 4 calendar days. Larger orders will have a longer deadline. For instance, orders up to 3000 words will be delivered in 8 calendar days and so on.
How does billing work?
At the end of the month, we'll send you one invoice for all your content orders that you have created during the month.
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